Are Over the Counter Vitamins Vegan?


It isn’t surprising to hear that most everyday vitamins are not Vegan.  For example the two top selling brands ‘Centrum’ and ‘One a Day’ both contain Non Vegan Ingredients.  They also do not indicate that the vitamins and minerals in them are plant based. They could very contain animal-derived vitamins, as many brands do.

An example would be vitamin D.  Vitamin D2 is mostly plant-sourced, but D3 in many products is animal-sourced.

Here is two images from the labels of Centrum and One a Day Vitamins.

First Centrum Vitamins:

Centrum contains milk, and milk is not a Vegan Product.  Centrum also contains wheat, and if you have a gluten intolerance, You do not want to take Centrum.



One a Day Vitamins:

One a Day Vitamins contain gelatin, and gelatin is non-vegan.  The active element of gelatin is the collagen obtained from various animal parts. Gelatin is made by boiling the skin, cartilage, and bones from animals. Primarily pork skins, horns, and cattle bones.   Also You may want to look at gummy bears, as gelatin is listed as a main ingredient.

one a day vitamins non vegan

So you may want to really read the ingredient list when purchasing vitamins.

Which raises the question do Vegans really need to take vitamins?  Well, according to research and Nutrition Facts Org Founder, Dr. Michael Greger he states, “Average vegan diets tend to be deficient in three nutrients, whereas average omnivores tend to unfortunately be deficient in seven”.  Dr. Michael Greger has a great video on this subject and You can view at his website  The url to this video presentation of his is

Unfortunately where I live, I don’t have access to many vegan alternatives as vegan city folk do.  So I order mine through Amazon and they work quite well for me.  They are called Pure Vegan Advanced Vegan Multi-Vitamin Program Vegetarian Capsules.  I can’t have vitamins with Alfalfa in them, and these do not.  They seem to bring me better moods, energy, and mental clarity.  Also Advanced Vegan uses calcium citrate and not calcium carbonate, which most vitamins do.

There are other great Vegan Vitamin brands out there in the marketplace, if You do your Veganey research for them, you can find them.


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